In a League of Their Own: Students Prepare for Back to School

To prepare incoming sixth graders and new students for the school year, BOMLA hosted the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) summer camp, generously funded by H-E-B, where students were introduced to BOMLA’s culture, expectations and educational possibilities. For some students, this was the preparation and encouragement they needed to feel ready and excited about attending a new school.

The program also serves as an opportunity to ease any social and academic anxieties that come with attending a new school. Through in-class assessments and interactions with student leaders, LXG helps to break down certain barriers that prevent new students from achieving their fullest potential.

“I have seen many students have a dramatic change in their mindset over the course of LXG’s two weeks,” said Jeremy Mitchell, the director of the program.

For Mitchell, this shift in mindset is exactly what the program is about: exposing students to the endless possibilities available through education.

For educators, LXG serves as a refresher on BOMLA’s values and encourages teachers to find ways to incorporate the school’s culture into their lesson plans. It also offers teachers the opportunity to foster strong interpersonal relationships with their students, improving the learning experience even before the first day of school.

“This camp is extremely valuable to the success of the incoming brothers of BOMLA,” said Michael Henderson, the campus security officer. “It gives instructors, administrators, counselors, cafeteria and custodial staff an opportunity to get to know our students.”