Obama Academy Brothers are Back Abroad!

The whirlwind of the last 21 months has halted the operations of many organizations and schools. Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy is not exempt. The global pandemic caused us to pause all funding for study abroad trips in 2020, but we were determined to not let COVID-19 completely block us out of another year of summer enrichment for our young men at BOMLA. Their exposure to the world around us and all it has to offer is detrimental to the development of our young leaders. Summer 2021 began the rebound towards our new normal which opened the door for one BOMLA brother to receive funding to study aboard. Brother Francisco Narvaez served as a catalyst to our post-pandemic summer enrichment options as he led the way in his experience as a visiting scholar in Spain studying Marine Biology and Wildlife through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE).

Listen to a little more about Francisco’s Spain trip here:

“I am a student at BOMLA and this study abroad opportunity has allowed me to experience many things for the first time. I was able to travel out of the country and immerse myself into a beautiful culture while at the same time learning about our marine wildlife and the dangers us humans bring to it. This program has truly brought light to many things in my life and has allowed me to become a lot more interested in pursuing my career in studying wildlife and traveling. The FRIENDS grant was able to provide funds for my airfare to the country and back. FRIENDS allowed me to stay three weeks in the Balearic Islands in Spain and open my eyes to a whole new perspective.”

(Brother Francisco is  third from the right in the above photo)

Our scholars at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy are being exposed to worlds that most of us have only ever imagined. FRIENDS of BOMLA and our partners initiate discovery and exploration by endowing gifts that make it possible for young people to succeed in a global marketplace. Every gift is preparing the next generation of leaders who will tackle the greatest problems we are facing today, for tomorrow. We need your support to help us continue the advancement and involvement of Black and Latino men in these historically underrepresented spaces. Make a gift towards study abroad and student enrichment today at bomlafriends.org/donate. You will not regret it!