Giving Circle Chooses FRIENDS as Grant Recipient

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute at The Dallas Foundation has awarded FRIENDS a grant of $24,775 to support program enrichment on campus.

“This gift is so important to the campus and will allow us to purchase printers, graphing calculators and items for the classroom that our faculty and students need and deserve,” said FRIENDS Executive Director, Kezia Stegemoeller. “We are so grateful for the leadership of the WPI and look forward to reporting back on the impact that their gift has made.”

One of the goals of the Dallas Foundation is to provide an avenue for philanthropic networking. In 2007 The Dallas Foundation established the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) in response to an expressed interest by female donors who wanted to learn more about our community and its needs.

To that end, WPI selects 4 organizations to visit and learn about their significant impact on the community. This year WPI selected The Center for Brain Health, Nexus Recovery Center Inc., The Dallas Arboretum, and FRIENDS of BOMLA to visit. Throughout several months, members toured each organization, received a brown bag lunch presentation about each agency’s financials and heard a final pitch from their Development Directors.

At the end of the process,  members decided that FRIENDS of Obama Academy would receive the lion’s share of the pool of funds available.