Donation Update: The Power of Giving

Imagine visiting Oprah Winfrey’s Instagram page and seeing a video of your son presenting the media-mogul with a rose as a thank-you for a scholarship. For John Thompson and his son Zachary, this was a reality made possible through FRIENDS donations.

In his first semester at Morehouse College, Thompson made the Dean’s List. His father, John Thompson, attributes this and other academic achievements to BOMLA’s academic rigor and culture. Thompson’s academic success, matched with his other achievements, has made him an impressive candidate for numerous professional and academic opportunities.

“Because of skills like self-confidence, essay writing and interview etiquette that were introduced to him at BOMLA, Zach is now an Oprah Winfrey scholar,” said John.

The strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie on BOMLA’s campus have also prepared him for college. For John, the excitement he sees his son share with other students proves the value in those relationships developed on campus.

This sentiment is shared by Tandi Smith, the mother of recent BOMLA graduate Caleb Smith. She believes that the community has aptly developed and prepared her son for college.

“Caleb gained a greater sense of self-worth and confidence,” said Tandi. “It truly is an amazing transformation to watch a young boy become a young man.”

Both Tandi and John agree: BOMLA’s secret sauce is a unique culture and intentional programs that create opportunities that extend beyond a student’s neighborhood or socioeconomic status.

All of this is made possible through donations, which support students both psychically and emotionally.

“Those donations provide hope to these young men,” said Tandi. “It lets them know that there are individuals out there who want to see them succeed and make the world to be a better place for everyone.”

The generous gifts we receive year-round ensure that there are countless success stories similar to Zachary and Caleb. We are so thankful to the community that supports our students.

If you would like to gift the power of opportunity, contact or donate online today!