Career Day at Obama Academy

At Obama Academy, students receive exposure to a range of professions through its annual Career Day.

As the title sponsor, JC Penney’s Communities Foundation made it possible for every senior to receive a professional headshot and provided lunch and gifts for speakers.

Throughout the morning, our young leaders heard from 54 professionals who represented 44 companies in several different industries.

According to, Boosting the Life Chances of Young Men of Color,  career exposure for high school male students of color increases earnings, and the likelihood that they will live independently of their parents over the years following graduation from high school.

“Career Day at BOMLA is important because, in a few hours, students receive such a range of exposure and information about potential professional paths,” said School Counselor Keisha Johnson.

“The experience allows them to make connections between what they learn in class and how that knowledge applies out in the real world. Can you imagine wanting to be an attorney, but never meeting one? The day truly expands what students know is possible for themselves.”

The day would not be as successful without such overwhelming support from corporate partners and community leaders to give of their time and resources. If your company is interested in sponsoring Career Day 2019 email Kezia Stegemoeller at