Alumni Spotlight: Walking by Faith

BOMLA alumnus Bryan Flores is currently a junior at Texas A&M University studying industrial distribution, but he has a greater calling.

“The most rewarding part of college so far has been the opportunity to strengthen my faith,” he said.
“[After graduation] I want to first and foremost work in ministry, where I can take all the skills I am learning and use them for God and His people.”

During his time attending Texas A&M, Flores completed an internship in Virginia with the sales and leadership company Southwestern Advantage, where he learned the life lesson of letting go of that which he can’t control.

“The most valuable takeaway for me was the opportunity to realize that I can’t control all the outcomes,” he said. “I only need to focus on my attitude and effort and whatever happens was not because of my lack of either.”

A surprise to Flores, much of that attitude and effort was established during his time at BOMLA.

“You don’t realize how much BOMLA helps until not only after you leave but more so after you mature,” he said. “The leadership qualities that were instilled in me have helped me out with not only schoolwork and internships but also in the ministry and life in general. The core mindset is something I look back on to this day to prepare for each semester and life trials.”

After his time in ministry, Flores plans to work in the industrial industry before eventually starting his own business. As a BOMLA alumnus, he encourages the 2020 graduating class to go all-in.

“Don’t focus on any outcomes,” he said. “Apply to as many colleges as you can, always have the best attitude when applying, and most importantly, listen to Ms. Johnson. Success is not about luck, so go out there and work!”